1) Does RHA Insurance Services still include the FR8 Insurance Scheme?

Yes, FR8 is made up of three separate insurance offerings. Visit the Benefits section of our website for further details

2) I’m a current FR8 customer, how do I access the new offering?

Get in touch with RHA Insurance Services on 0203 960 2944, our dedicated Account Executives will talk you through the options available to you

3) How soon before my renewal date should I be making contact to access FR8?

As soon as possible, providing us with an early opportunity will maximise the possibility of achieving a tailored solution for you

4) Why should I move from my current broker?

FR8 provides a number of added value features and access to multiple, specialist markets to ensure you get the best deal and support

To learn more about what we do at the RHA Insurance Services:

Call the team today 0203 960 2944

or email the team at: enquiries@rhainsuranceservices.uk.net

RHA Insurance Services
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t 0203 960 2944
e enquiries@rhainsuranceservices.uk.net

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