Managing your exposure to risk and complying with the latest health & safety regulations can be time-consuming. At RHA Insurance Services, we take positive steps to help you manage your risk exposure with practical advice & support to help you to reduce your premium spend long term.

Once you understand how to identify the risks within your organisation, it is easier to protect against them and implement practices to prevent further accidents occurring. With our in-depth knowledge of the Haulage, Van and Coach sector, you can utilise our expertise and out-source your risk management considerations, in order to focus on other areas of your business.

Why can risk management be so beneficial?

Not only can you manage your time more effectively, but you also have the opportunity to lower your expenses in the long term.

A large factor of how insurance premiums are calculated is by averaging out the claims cost your insurer has incurred. This is because an insurer always has to ensure they have enough resource to cover the cost of all potential claims which may occur. The lower your claims cost, the less of a risk you are perceived to be to an insurer which is subsequently reflected in your insurance premiums.

By investing in risk management, you can improve your business operations and resources in order to achieve these premium reductions. Moreover, preventing your own damage claims removes the cost of paying your excess, along with low-cost incidents where you may decide to bear your own losses. The money saved is then available to be invested in other areas of your business.

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