Goods in Transit Insurance

Specialist Goods in Transit Cover for the Haulage Industry

If your business is to move property and goods from A to B, a Freight Liability policy (commonly referred to as a Goods In Transit policy) is a critical part of your risk management and insurance protection strategy

Goods in Transit insurance provides protection against your liability for the loss or damage to goods carried or stored in accordance with standard conditions of carriage, international conventions or statutes and common law liability.

We are able to provide insurance for RHA standard conditions along with all other contractual conditions you may operate under including the following:

Policies can be tailored to your requirements but with most insurers able to offer the following coverage for RHA Members:

Our Claims Promise

  • 100 years of combined claims handling experience within our dedicated team of haulage experts
  • Continuous investment in our team’s development and haulage specific training sessions with industry partners
  • Unrivalled experience & technical expertise in handling claims in the haulage sector
  • We understand your business and we use our experience to steer you through the challenges

Claims can cause concern, stress and potential financial difficulty; we understand this deeply. We are here to listen to you, to understand your experience and find a resolution.

We have strict internal service standards, ensuring we stay intently focused on delivering rapid, effective responses. We provide regular updates to you, keep short diaries and will always keep you informed of progress or next steps in your claim.

We will keep you up to date at all times on the next steps to progress your claim, advise you on potential liability disputes and provide complete visibility and transparency.

Insurance expertise is only a part of the equation, we train all of our People extensively in client service and forensic claims analysis, but we also work with our RHA partners to provide extensive industry based training to our team. Our team are OLAT trained and have extensive expertise in all aspects of the challenges a haulier faces

It’s easy to do things well once; we strive for excellence every single day – nothing less than exceptional service will suffice and we have systems in place to ensure we deliver this standard.

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If your business is to move property and goods from A to B, a Freight Liability policy is a critical part of your risk management and insurance protection strategy. At RHA Insurance Services, we are here to help and want to share our expertise with you, that is why we are providing an overview of the common covers, terms and exclusions found within these policies.