The Autumn Conference is almost here and, as always, our team has got lots to talk to you about. Visit us at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham  on the 3rd of October where we’ll tell you more about our exclusive insurance offer for the road haulage industry.

Who we are…

The RHA is proud to introduce our latest insurance solution for members: ‘RHA Insurance Services’.

This is the first insurance solution we’ve designed to expand beyond the purpose of being merely a good product, providing our members with a robust offering.

You now have exclusive access to an insurance service which has the flexibility to accommodate your unique requirements and has also been designed to last.

How are we different..?

Tailored solutions depending on your insurance needs, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach

Access to multiple, A-rated Insurers rather than being limited to a single insurer

Dedicated RHA Account Executives, who will be the first point of call for any insurance enquiries throughout the policy period

4 Specialists in fleet insurance with the ability to support all members, regardless of whether you are operating a single vehicle or large fleet

In-house Lloyd’s Broker, who has a successful history of placing Haulage risks into the A-Rated insurer panel

6 Subsidised Insurance Services are only available to RHA Members.


Our EXCLUSIVE schemes provide you with several different options allowing you to decide which benefits are best suited to your business needs.

You will have access to our regional Business Development Team who are on hand to provide advice and guidance to help you find the right outcome.

RHA Insurance Services

RHA Insurance Services: Your Cover Expert

The Team at RHA Insurance Services is here to help you analyse your business needs and make the right cover decisions to protect your operations from unnecessary risk. Contact us today on 0203 960 2944 or visit us at the RHA Autumn Conference to learn more about the services we offer to protect your business.

We look forward to seeing you there!